Saturday, April 3, 2010

Snehalaya's Muktiwahini rescued two minors (July 2008)

Date: 20th, July 2008 (Ahmednagar) 

Rupa (14 yrs) and Asha (15 yrs) allies Yasmin (name changed) rescued from the flesh trade from Hotel Bholenath, the road-side Dhaba at Nagar-Pune Rd. on 20th, July 2008.  The information was received from the Peer Educator or Snehjyot Project, that a woman named Sarswati Chougule has brought two minor girls
at Hotel Bholenath Dhaba and Sarswati and the owner Sandip Kardile is pressurizing them to entertain the customers.

Our Muktiwahini team arranged the bogus customer to the Hotel Bholenath and confirmed the information.  Then the remaining team members went to the room where Rupa and Asha were kept and rescued them.  Both the girls directly brought to Nagar Taluka Police station at night.  The Police was not ready to lodge
the complaint as they didn’t know the clauses to be applied in these type cases.  Rupa is from very poor family of West Bengal and she was living with her aunt, Aunt was very cruel and used to bite her for any reason. Rupa was always scared.  So she was working in her aunt's home as a servant. A boy living near her house proposed to marry. At age of 13th Rupa ran away with the boy and came to Mumbai with him. Her husband sold her to one of the brothel owner called Amma(real name not known).

Amma forced her into the prostitution, after a few days Rupa ran away from the brothel Kamathipura, Mumbai too and came to Ahmednagar.  She met Sarswati on old bus stand, Ahmednagar.  Sarswati brought her to her house and tried to convince her to go to the Hotel Bholenath Dhaba for prostitution with her. She denied again but Sarswati forced her.

In the other case Asha allies Yasmin is also very poor Muslim family from Solapur, her father has no more, she has two younger brothers and her mother is a bedridden patient so can not earn for daily needs.  Inevitably Asha has earn hence, she started working as a construction labour.  One day she was raped by goons but could not fight for justice. She came to Ahmednagar in search of job and reached to the brothel by Sarswati.   On 18th July 2008 Muktiwahini rescued them and produced before the Police Inspector Mr. Pardeshi.  He immediately ordered for her medical check up in Civil Hospital.  Next day she was taken to Child Welfare Committee and as per their order both the girls admitted in Observation Home.  The Dy. S.P., Mr. Sandip Doiphode ordered to arrest the guilty. 

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