Monday, April 5, 2010

A 13 year old girl is rescued from a Brothel (Feb 2008)

Date: 11 FEB 2008

Snehalaya’s Muktiwahini, team of Ahmednagar Childline and volunteers in red light areas (Mukta Team) have jointly rescued a 13 yrs. old minor girl from Bhagat galli red light area of Ahmednagar on 11th, Feb. 2008.   Our team has rescued the minor courageously and produced the pimp in front of Kotwali Police Station.

Muktiwahini (Anti trafficking team of Snehalaya) was keeping a close eye on Deepa allies Neelam Mithun Mahale age 40 who was supplying the minor girls to the customers.  Deepa was staying in Gajanan Colony, Wadgaon Gupta suburban of Ahmednagar.  Muktiwahini received information that Deepa had brought a minor girl in her house and invited some customers.  The Muktiwahini and Childline team tried to inform JAPU (Juvenile Aid Protection Unit) about the commercial sexual abuse of the child.  But no one was available from the JAPU unit.  Later Deepa came to Bhagat galli red light area and offered a minor girl to waiting customers.  Again Childline and Muktiwahini tried to get the help from Police.  After two hour Deepa received hint that she along with a minor girl will be trapped. Then Deepa tried to ran away from the brothel along with the minor.  At this moment Snehalaya’s volunteers in red light areas (Mukta team) informed about Deepa’s plan of escaping, Childline and Muktiwahini team rushed in the brothel, caught the brothel keeper and brought her to Kotwali Police station.

Police was forcing our team members for being the complainants. But we have taken a stand that we are the informers and want to become witnesses in the case.  But complainant should be the Police only.  It took seven hours to convince the Police.  Ultimately Police made the minor girl complainant and then the discussion started on what clauses of IPC and ITPA can be applied.  Our team has shown the guidelines by Hon. Mumbai High Court and Human Rights Commission regarding the law enforcement.  But it takes more two hours to convince.  Then the girl was sent for medical examination at  4 a.m. on 12th Feb. 2008 in govt. hospital.  After 34 hours from the incident the minor girl was examined.  Our team was providing continuous protection and emotional support to minor along with the ladies Police Constable.  Deepa was given to Police custody for 5 days by Session Court.  The girl was admitted in Govt. Balgruha with the order of CWC.  Our team draws the attention of CWC to many legal and procedural mistakes done by Police and CWC ordered detail enquiry of the matter and issued notices to police officials today.

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