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AUNT EXPOSES THE RAPE ON A MINOR GIRL (Child line renders a helping hand)

Ahmednagar (Date” 7th May, 2014)

Sexual Exploitation and rapes are increasing day by day and in today’s scenario, media found to be mostly with such news from every corner of the planet. One such aghast incident surfaced on 7th May, 2014. 

Minor girl aged 13 was raped repeatedly by a 22yr old Dnyaneshwar Bange in his car at dehere village in Ahmednagar. Girl was scared of her step-mother; so she couldn’t reveal the unfortunate incident. As the days passed, she was sinking mentally and health started deteriorating. Girl travelled to her aunt’s place at ahmednagar.  Aunt found girl was in real bad shape mentally as well as physically. Aunt took her in confidence and girl revealed the whole incident. Aunt immediately approached Ahmednagar Childline office and requested for help.

Childline counselors Mr. Sunil Mohite and Ms. Sonal Jagtap counseled both the aunt and the girl separately. Childline team members Mr. Alim Pathan and Ms. Sonal Jagtap approached MIDC police station with the girl and her aunt to lodge a FIR complaint. The case registered against the accused under the IPC 376, Clause no 4 of POSCO. Mr. Hattekar – PSI, assured of doing further investigation to bring the culprit to justice.

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Monsterous motherly molestation!

29th March revealed another sordid tale of sexual abuse of a minor girl age of 17th Year.

A gutsy minor girl Seema (name changed) walked into Snehalaya’s CHILD LINE along with her father to seek assistance to end her daylight nightmare. She narrated that her father is a tailor and the mother runs a beauty parlor. They have an estranged relationship especially because of her mother’s illicit affair with a man Hari. Seema lives with her mother. The mother agreed to let her paramour have a sexual relationship with Seema too. On 27th March the emboldened Hari grabbed Seema in her mother’s presence. After forcibly hugging and kissing her he molested Seema with full support from the evil mother. The ravaged Seema went sobbing to her father to escape further sexual assaults. The father confronted Hari and was cowed down with threats of physical violence. Hari told the father to remain silent about his sex-doll Seema otherwise he would also have to be fixed. The scared father had to back off.

In utter despair they remembered about CHILDLINE because of the outreach activities by child line team-members. And they gathered sufficient courage to come over to the CHILDLINE office.

Seema & her father were assured of all assistance. The CHILDLINE Co-ordinator contacted the Police Inspector of Tofkhana police station and presented all the background  information to him. The Police Inspector took immediate action on the case. Hari and child’s mother were arrested under Sections of IPC No. 354, 34, 504, 506, 323 as well as Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act   2012 (POCSO) 7 & 8.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Snehalaya’s childline comes to the rescue of a brutalized girl-child!

Snehalaya is a collaborative organization of the national network of Child Line in Ahmednagar dist. This unit of Snehalaya is working 24x7 for the protection of child rights since last 12 years.

 On 24th March, 2014 the Child Line members on night duty were out patrolling. They got a call about a girl in distress at an isolated spot in Ambikanagar, Kedgon (Ahmednager). The Child Line team-members rushed to the spot and discovered a terrified girl-child. After comforting her gently, the young girl managed to convey her parent’s contact details at Shivajinagar (Ahmednagar). Since it was late at night, the team-members handed over the daughter and requested a meeting the next day.

At Child Line’s office the frightened girl was counselled. She reluctantly revealed the entire sordid story of being stalked by 3 big boys, being threatened and finally being brutally gang-raped. Asst. Police Inspector was contacted and the victim was accompanied to the Topkhana police station along with her parents. The F.I.R of the case was registered under IPC 366, 376, 506, 34 and POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses). Child Line team-members urged the police to arrest the cruel rapists immediately. Childline is providing all support to the victim.

Remember to call  CHILDLINE toll-free number 1098 anytime, anywhere, when any distressed child needs help. Snehalaya’s CHILDLINE is equipped, geared and willing to promptly provide succor to suffering children