Saturday, July 14, 2012

Six Absconded Criminals in Child Sexual Abuse Case Nabbed after Court Order

Ahmednagar,12th July

              Six absconded criminals in famous child sexual abuse case,  here, were finally nabbed by police after stern  order by Hon. Aurangabad bench of Mumbai High court yesterday. Snehalaya had rescued 2 minors (of age 14 and 16 yrs) and lodged an FIR against 22 and 26 criminals for their sexual abuse respectively. In February 2006, Snehalaya's volunteers had played a major role as witnesses and panchs in this case. Justice M.D.Keskar, Hon. Sessions Judge of Ahmednagar sentenced double life imprisonment to 20 criminals on 20 Sept.2010. Yet the other case is pending in the court.
               The 20 criminals in the first case and others in the second case were sent to Yerwada Central Jail of Pune. 6 notorious criminals were released on Parole (temporary leave) for 1 to 3 months. But all these were absconded since 290 - 363 days and allegedly violated parole after their release from jail. Now, during their hearing on the appeal in the High Court at Aurangabad, Snehalaya has drawn attention of Hon. Court on this horrifying situation with the help of Govt. pleader Vijay Savant. The court ordered police, first to put the criminals immediately behind the bars and then stopped the hearing of the matter.
             These absconded criminal includes Chetan Bhalagat, Abdul Haq Fakir Qureshi, Atmaram Dengale, Tukaram Misal, Herjitsing Rajpal, Ramakant Dengale. Now, all our volunteers, witnesses and their family members are free from fear and stress. Snehalaya had raised a few important questions to higher police and judicial authorities then. Snehalaya's witnesses had opposed the Parole of all these criminals in their written statements to the police. Even though the question remains how did they get the parole? Why police remained silent when we were consistently drawing attention towards these absconded criminals which we saw a lot of times? Now, the trial has started in second child abuse case.  Snehalaya's important volunteer plays the same risky role of witnesses again. The absconded criminals and their acquaintances want to tamper with the evidences and pressurize the witnesses. The question is that who will be responsible if anything happens to the team members (witnesses) or their family?
           'Team Snehalaya' is assuring to fight till conviction of these criminals like the previous case.
Satyamev Jayate !

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snehalaya rescue a minor girl

Date: 26.02.2012
The accuse Balla and oppressed girl was living next to each other.  One day he raped on her. Balla threat to girl that if, she told anyone on things he will kill her. Then after girl went at home. When her mother saw her she got something wrong with her daughter. So she asked to girl what things took place and girl told all the incident happen with her.

The mother got suddenly shocked. She immediately reach out to Childline office with girl. She specked about things and gave complaint in police station with the help of Childline. In Kotwali Police station charge a crime as per Indian penal code act section 376. Police inspector Chandrashekhar Savan was doing investigation work of this case and the hearing carried by District court judge Shinde. Government prosecutors had examining seven witnesses in this case. It mainly including Childline center co-ordinator Mr. Dattatray Panchal and Mr. Kundan Pathare. Advocate M. N. Gawali was handled Balla’s case. Adv. Gawali had defended to Balla but judge had reject this argument by abuse party, and accept the public prosecutors argument, witness and evidence. The court had given rigorous of five years and rupees five thousand as penalty to abuse Balla. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Snehalaya’s Childline rescued Minor

Date.  18th Feb. 2012
Childline got the final result in one more case of child trafficking yesterday.  Childline was rescued a minor girl from Bhagat Galli (red light area) of Ahmednagar on 11thFeb. 2008. 

The accused Ulhas Vilas Mane (Age 32 years, Tapeshwar lane , Jamkhed) has been sentenced five years imprisonment and Rs. 10000 penalty.  The half of the amount will be given to the victim as compensations. 

Public Prosecutor Adv. Gorakh Musale has pleaded the case on behalf of Childline and State.  District Judge Hon. D. S. Shinde has given the judgment in this case. The main accused Deepa allies Nilam is absconded till the date. Dy. S. P. Mr. Sandip Doiphode was investigating in the case, he has taken very hard efforts to arrest the accused and collect the evidences.
Mr. Swapnil Pathare, Vijay Sabale and Mr. Anil Gawade has taken immediate action and arranged operation with the help of Ahmednagar Police and successfully rescued the girl.  The main accused and trafficker Deepa absconded but Police successfully caught Ulhas (one of the trafficker).
The girl was presented before Child Welfare Committee (CWC).  And then she was brought for the medical check up in Govt. Hospital, she found pregnant. She was referred to one of the organization in Pune for the further process for rehabilitation.