Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snehalaya rescue a minor girl

Date: 26.02.2012
The accuse Balla and oppressed girl was living next to each other.  One day he raped on her. Balla threat to girl that if, she told anyone on things he will kill her. Then after girl went at home. When her mother saw her she got something wrong with her daughter. So she asked to girl what things took place and girl told all the incident happen with her.

The mother got suddenly shocked. She immediately reach out to Childline office with girl. She specked about things and gave complaint in police station with the help of Childline. In Kotwali Police station charge a crime as per Indian penal code act section 376. Police inspector Chandrashekhar Savan was doing investigation work of this case and the hearing carried by District court judge Shinde. Government prosecutors had examining seven witnesses in this case. It mainly including Childline center co-ordinator Mr. Dattatray Panchal and Mr. Kundan Pathare. Advocate M. N. Gawali was handled Balla’s case. Adv. Gawali had defended to Balla but judge had reject this argument by abuse party, and accept the public prosecutors argument, witness and evidence. The court had given rigorous of five years and rupees five thousand as penalty to abuse Balla. 


  1. kya ek ladki ki izat ki kimat ,sirf 5000 rs. or 5 saal jel hai.
    isse kuch nahi hoga.

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  3. Sorry.. There should some special force to be created who will take care of thease non sence things... by hook or crook.... NA RAHE BAS NA BAGE BASURI...