Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rapist father!

Date -22nd January,2014
Team of Snehadhar Pune received an unknown call of information that the girl is raped again and again by her father. He told the address in detail, girl name Reshma (changed name) of 14 years.

The case was too risky and critical, so Ahmednagar Child line and Snehadhar team Ahmednagar get intervention within case. Team Pune is also involved the same. Childline member listened to girl and her mother about case history.

The victim girl stayed with the father for education, both father Shankar laxman Devgare and girl were alone in the house. Father raped the girl again and again. Girl tried to suicide, but village people saved her. The girl told everything to people about incidents. But they were afraid of girl’s father as his background was criminal. The girl told all case to her mother. Her mother’s economic condition poor and she didn’t find any help and support, so she was afraid of going to police station. 

Our Counselor did counseling of victim girl. After receiving total information Snehadhar team took them to Khandala police station. As the case was critical police also helped very well and arrested the victim in few minutes upon IPC Sec 376 & clauses 3&4 of children sexual exploitation (prevention) act 201

Regain of home love

Date: 20th January, 2014

The boy name Rahul (changed name) of 12 years old. He stayed in NGO “Jai Mrudung  Shikshan Sanstha”,  Bhistbaug Naka,  Ahmednagar  from where escaped. He was roaming on the road at pipeline road, near city then from one of the local PCO call went to CHILD LINE at 1098. After that CHILD LINE member Mr. Kundan Pathare and Satosh Ghavahne reached there and found the child. They asked the child what he is exactly doing there; he told lie that his father dropped him there and ran away. Then the members took him to tophkhana, still he was telling the same lie, police kept on trying Osmanabad address which was provided by the child. 

After that with the excuse of tea CHILD LINE member took him out of police station and did his counseling there the child said the truth that he has escaped from his NGO Jai Mrudung Shikshan Sanstha, Bhistbaug Naka, Ahmednagar As that NGO was not comfortable for him, he use to miss his home (parents) a lot. Because there in that NGO music teaching was more in which child did not had any interest, child line members informed all this to the child’s parents when they met them. And suggested them, that their condition is good.  They can keep the child at home rather than in the NGO. Parents were thankful to police and CHILD LINE member for helping them

Rape on underage girl

The girl named Madhuri (changed name) of seven years old, living with her family at A/P- Brahmanvada, Sengaon near Hingoli. Her father and mother do labour work. In search of work the father and girl came to Ahmednagar city. In the city Kachru met one of his old friend Shankar Chavan  worked with him for 1 day. After few days, as usual father slept with his daughter on the railway station of Ahmednagar, at night Shankar Chavan took chance of the situation. As the girl’s father was drunk in tension of finding no work, he had a nice talk with child said her that, “I shall give you bread come with me”. And he took the girl with himself behind of the Savedi Bus stand, Ahmednagar by cycle. He abused the girl physically very badly, after this abuser ran away. After this the girl was crying near the stand, her crying sound was heard by the informer Millind Kulkarni, who is trustee of Snehalaya, as he was returning home from his work; hence he called to Child Line, Ahmednagar for help.

Child line team received all details from caller & note it down. Caller informed that, the case happened at the night of 10/01/2014.  now child is taking the treatment at the Civil Hospital, Ahmednagar. After this Child Line co-ordinator. Team member went to the hospital, discussed the case with Dr. Prachi Deshmukh. After this TM counseled the Child provided all day to day requirements to Child. Dr said that patient is strictly in need of operation to recover because there was bad bleeding otherwise there is a danger to her health. Dr also said that police did not helped them properly. 

For further information Mr. Kundan Pathare (Child Line  coordinator) went to Thophkhana Police Station discussed with PI. And pressurized, the police to catch the abuser. That they have found the child’s father on railway station, Ahmednagar  he has reported the case in police station under the Act 376  Abuser Shankar Chavan is caught by police & he is in police custody now. Operation is done of the girl successfully she is in ICU department. Her health is recovering. The child’s father is with her and she is given special security as she is shifted from ICU to child ward. Her proper treatment is going on as Child line member themselves are with her, helping her in dressing up well, combing her hairs and teaching her how to keep ourselves in neat and tidy manner. Team members are also giving her good support& company as she is much more afraid of male person; they also provided her clothes through donation. The case is in running in court as the abuser is given 3 months custody.