Saturday, January 25, 2014

Regain of home love

Date: 20th January, 2014

The boy name Rahul (changed name) of 12 years old. He stayed in NGO “Jai Mrudung  Shikshan Sanstha”,  Bhistbaug Naka,  Ahmednagar  from where escaped. He was roaming on the road at pipeline road, near city then from one of the local PCO call went to CHILD LINE at 1098. After that CHILD LINE member Mr. Kundan Pathare and Satosh Ghavahne reached there and found the child. They asked the child what he is exactly doing there; he told lie that his father dropped him there and ran away. Then the members took him to tophkhana, still he was telling the same lie, police kept on trying Osmanabad address which was provided by the child. 

After that with the excuse of tea CHILD LINE member took him out of police station and did his counseling there the child said the truth that he has escaped from his NGO Jai Mrudung Shikshan Sanstha, Bhistbaug Naka, Ahmednagar As that NGO was not comfortable for him, he use to miss his home (parents) a lot. Because there in that NGO music teaching was more in which child did not had any interest, child line members informed all this to the child’s parents when they met them. And suggested them, that their condition is good.  They can keep the child at home rather than in the NGO. Parents were thankful to police and CHILD LINE member for helping them

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