Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rapist father!

Date -22nd January,2014
Team of Snehadhar Pune received an unknown call of information that the girl is raped again and again by her father. He told the address in detail, girl name Reshma (changed name) of 14 years.

The case was too risky and critical, so Ahmednagar Child line and Snehadhar team Ahmednagar get intervention within case. Team Pune is also involved the same. Childline member listened to girl and her mother about case history.

The victim girl stayed with the father for education, both father Shankar laxman Devgare and girl were alone in the house. Father raped the girl again and again. Girl tried to suicide, but village people saved her. The girl told everything to people about incidents. But they were afraid of girl’s father as his background was criminal. The girl told all case to her mother. Her mother’s economic condition poor and she didn’t find any help and support, so she was afraid of going to police station. 

Our Counselor did counseling of victim girl. After receiving total information Snehadhar team took them to Khandala police station. As the case was critical police also helped very well and arrested the victim in few minutes upon IPC Sec 376 & clauses 3&4 of children sexual exploitation (prevention) act 201

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  1. The name of victim never should be disclosed. Kindly make the correction & keep up the good work. Very best wishes to team Snehadhar & Childline.