Saturday, April 30, 2011

Snehalaya rescues a minor girl from West Bengal

Ahmednagar, 22nd April 2011

Payal is 17 yrs old minor girl child from west Bengal. She used to stay with her parents, 5 brothers and two sisters. There was no income source as father was not ill and her mother is a house wife. The girl left her house and came to Ahmednagar Raju Savan Sahu, who had expressed an interest to marry her. They were staying in a rented house at Arangaon area. Raju started to force the girl to work as a prostitute and earn money. When the girl refused, he used to beat her up and this scared her even further. Raju worked in a Tea stall for Rohit Surana who also tried to exploit the girl.

The childline team received a call from a concerned neighbor who informed about the girl’s helpless situation. The Cordinator of Snehalaya Childline Mr. Datta Panchal along with his team members Abdul Khan, Shahid Shaikh, Manisha Kasar and Vrushali Bhalerao rushed to the spot and rescued the girl and admitted her to Children's home. An urgent meeting of CWC committee was called filed and FIR with the Local Police Station. The accused was attempting an escape but he arrested by setting a trap at railway station.

A case was registered against Raju under IPC Code 363, 366, 376, 323 and 504. The child’s Medical test was done at the Civil Hospital. An FIR under IPC Code 509 has been filed against Rohit Surana. Raju was presented before the court and the Court ordered him Police custody of 1 week for further investigation.

Snehalaya rescues an 8 year girl child from her grandfather

Ahmednagar, 24th April 2011

Rupali Bhabad (8 years) and her brother Kiran lived with their Grand Parents (Mother’s Parents) as their mother (Alka) father (Chandrakant) works in Sugarcane farm. Due to work they had to go to other village they left their children with their grand parents. On 21st April’2011, Thursday the children's grandmother (Mukta Bai) went to Hanumangad to a temple. That night their grand father in drunk condition attempted to rape. 8 year old Rupali started screaming. Hearing her yelling, their neighbor (Satyabhama Kekan) rushed to the spot and brought the child to her house. Nobody dared to file a complaint as they feared of being called to court as witness. The child was in a state of shock and was not talking to anyone. On 23rd April’2011, at around 1:30 pm a concerned adult called Snehalaya Childline and informed about the incident

Snehalaya child line Project Coordinator Mr. Panchal and team member Anita Mokate with the help of Special Task Force provided by DSP. Krishna Prakash, went to the spot and interacted with the neighbors to get the exact information. Counsellor of Snehalaya inquired the child about what happened. The girl first hesitated but later told that her grandfather was sitting on her stomach, and she shouted because of pain. After counseling, the grandmother and the neighbors a lodged a complaint against the grandfather (Mr. Shamrao). He is charged under IPC Code. 376(F) and 511 for attempted rape. The Police arrested the accused. The child is now in the safe custody with the Child Welfare committee.

Two minors rescued from a Brothel in Shevgaon

23rd March 2011

Snehalaya’s Muktiwahini received a call from the anonymous informer that 2 minor girls have been kept in the brothels of Meena Muswat, in Shevgaon.

Meena had acquired and forced Nazia (14 yrs) and Kajal (15 yrs.) (Names changed) into prostitution. On receiving the tip off, our team leader Mr. Datta Panchal immediately contacted Mr. Krishna Prakash (Police Chief, Ahmednagar district) and organized a raid.

Snehalaya team along with Mr. Krishna Prakash raided the brothels of Meena Muswat and arrested her two sons (pimps) Pradip and Sachin Muswat under PITA (Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act) and rescued two girls. The girls were presented before CWC and then sent to the custody of Govt. Home for girls.
Snehalaya has taken up the responsibility of rehabilitation/repatriation of the girls, as well as ongoing legal battle to bring the perpetrator to justice. The charge sheets is submitted to the District Court. Our counselors are in close contact with the victim girls, and are following up on the case.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Snehalaya rescues 2 minor girls aged 13 and 11 years from a Sex racket

Ahmednagar,date 23 Feb.

A couple were arrested after registering FIR under Immoral trafficking prevention Act for running a racket to supply minors to selected clients for prostitution. Two minor girls aged 13 and 11 years were rescued by our Muktivahini team,yesterday at Shrirampur,60 kms.away from Ahmednagar.

Mrs.Reshma and Mr.Anis Kasim Sayyad were staying near Shrirampur Railway Station.They were taking away minor girls who had either run away from their homes or begging in railway station and forced them into prostitution.

This couple and their activities were watched  secretely by our Muktivahini members Smt.Apsara Shaikh,Yashwant Kurapatti,Anil Fulwar,Mrs.Sabera Shaha, smt.Bebi Garad,smt.Sarswati Gangurde. Our team observed that many clients were seen visiting a  hut in Gondhavani slum for prostitution deals with Reshma and Kasim. We also noticed that since Sunday evening, the crowd of clients in front of their hut increased. On sending fake customer,it was confirmed that the couple had 2 minor girls aged 13 and 11 years in their custody and were forced to have a sex with elderly customers. Smt.Apsara Shaikh and other Muktivahini members first informed police. After waiting for an hour ,they  caught them red handed at night by 10.30 PM. by entering that hut cum brothel. The customers ran away but our team members couragiously held the couple and rescued the 2 frightened girls.

Our team then reached Shrirampur police station and requested to file FIR under PITA. Police inspector Modiraj, DYSP Sunil Kadasane investigated the matter. It was found in investigation that these girls were originally from Uruli Kanchan (Pune Dist.) And Kurduwadi ( dist.Solapur). Also we came to know that the arrested couple have been supplying girls to customers at various locations including Pune,shirdi, and Kopergaon.

The rescued minor girls are now in a safe rehabilitation center and the couple have been taken into Police custody.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snehalaya team saves a girl and gets the rapist father into the prison

Ahmednagar, 14th Jan. 2011,

A father of a 12 years old minor girl was sentenced 10 years rigorous imprisonment by Mr. D.S. Shinde District and Sessions Judge today.  

Balu alise Balasaheb Kothule was a resident of Khadaki village of Nagar Tahshil, 14 k.m.s away from here.  His wife died year ago.  He has been since raping his own 12 years old  daughter.  This information was shared by some of the neighborors to Snehalaya, Child Line, Ahmednagar and Snehalaya's Mukti Vahini.  The team rescued the girls and is rehabilitating the victim girl.

The team also lodged the complained, followed up to register and FIR and a criminal case. The team also was a principal witness and our testimony helped in getting the conviction. The conviction was obtained within 11 months of lodging complaint, thanks to relentless follow up and work of Mukthi vahini and child line team of Snehalaya.

Yet another hard fought legal battle won by the team.