Saturday, April 30, 2011

Snehalaya rescues an 8 year girl child from her grandfather

Ahmednagar, 24th April 2011

Rupali Bhabad (8 years) and her brother Kiran lived with their Grand Parents (Mother’s Parents) as their mother (Alka) father (Chandrakant) works in Sugarcane farm. Due to work they had to go to other village they left their children with their grand parents. On 21st April’2011, Thursday the children's grandmother (Mukta Bai) went to Hanumangad to a temple. That night their grand father in drunk condition attempted to rape. 8 year old Rupali started screaming. Hearing her yelling, their neighbor (Satyabhama Kekan) rushed to the spot and brought the child to her house. Nobody dared to file a complaint as they feared of being called to court as witness. The child was in a state of shock and was not talking to anyone. On 23rd April’2011, at around 1:30 pm a concerned adult called Snehalaya Childline and informed about the incident

Snehalaya child line Project Coordinator Mr. Panchal and team member Anita Mokate with the help of Special Task Force provided by DSP. Krishna Prakash, went to the spot and interacted with the neighbors to get the exact information. Counsellor of Snehalaya inquired the child about what happened. The girl first hesitated but later told that her grandfather was sitting on her stomach, and she shouted because of pain. After counseling, the grandmother and the neighbors a lodged a complaint against the grandfather (Mr. Shamrao). He is charged under IPC Code. 376(F) and 511 for attempted rape. The Police arrested the accused. The child is now in the safe custody with the Child Welfare committee.

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