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A girl sold by her lover is rescued from a brothel (Nov 2005)

Date : 23/11/05
Ahmednagar :  Snehalaya has saved a 19 years old girl by immediately rescuing her from the brothel of Shrirampur.  The girl was handed over to her parents after proper counseling of both of them, and after a stay of three days in Snehalaya.  Snehalaya's volunteers Anita Parera and Satish Bharati found a new girl in the red light area of Shrirampur on 18th Nov. they enquired to a brothel keeper about the girl but received the suspicious answer then they directly talked to a girl, threatening he brothel keeper to file a complained against him. The girl told that she was brought in the red light area by one of her close relative with whom she has fallen in love.  She was not aware that she was brought for prostitution in the red light area.  Snehalaya volunteers gave her an idea about the circumstances and taken the address of her parents meanwhile the customers has started chasing her Satish and Anita fought with some of them and ran away for a safe shelter. 
The parents of 19 years old girl reached to Snehalaya's Shrirampur unite.  They were shocked to know that their daughter was found in red light area.  Snehalaya contacted Ass. Police Inspector Mr. Rauf Shaikh of the Shrirampur Police station and conveyed the whole incidence Snehalaya was insisting the strong legel action against the relative who sold the girl in the red light area and the brothel keeper, who purchase her ( the amount not known ) but the parents and the girl were not agree for the legal action as they have to stay with the criminal in a small village 17 km. away from Shrirampur. 

Ultimately the girl was kept in Snehalaya's rehabilitation center in Ahmedagnar. She was counseled properly along with her parents.  Now the family is well aware of the fact that what will happen if the girl blindly goes away with a criminal minded person with whom she has a one sided love.  Her parents also assured to pay attention  towards her.  Now Snehalya will regularly keep a contact with the victims family.

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