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Minor from Sangamner recovered in Kolkata, the traffickers arrested (Sep 2005)

Ahmednagar : 29/9/05

A minor trafficked for the flesh trade from the nomadic tribe community of Ghulewadi ( Tehsil Sangamner ) was ultimately found in the red light area of Kolkata.  The Police officials of Ahmednagar district, with the help of Kolkata Police raided the brothel on Sharoni road and Sonagachi red light area and arrested the traffickers and the victim yesterday.  This is the inspiring success story of  the Muktiwahini of the Snehalaya.  A Complain was registered on Sept. 7, by Muktiwahini in this regard  The Trafficker Babita Mancharekar sold the girl to Kolkata based brothel keeper Ravindra Sing.  Ravindar sing is reunning the brothels in various parts in kolkata including Sonagachi and infamous for supplying of minors.  Police traced  Babita and Ravindra sing in Mumbai based brothel of Babita.  But the information received that they went to Kolkata from Mumbai by airplane with victim. 
P.S.I. Mr. Vijay Shinde along with the group of 5 police went to Kolkata.  With the help of the Telecom Department they have traced Ravindra sing  and Babita in Kolkata and raided with the help of Kolkata Police.   They were brought in front of the court in Kolkata yesterday and permitted to transfer traffickers and victim to Ahmednagar District for further investigation. 

Some of the Kolkata based organizations working in red light areas claims that there are no minors in the flesh trade or in the so called sex work, but now the evidence proves the reality. The Muktiwahini today congratulated Mr. Sanjay Patil, the Dy. S.P. for speedy investigation with proper approach.  Snehalaya also assured the total rehabilitation of the victim and her family in future. 

In the second major achievement, a 12 years minor girl, trafficked from West Bengal and rescued by Muktiwahini on 4th, Sept. at Ahmednagar was sheltered in 'Sukanya,' one of the good quality shelter home of the W.B. Govt. on 25th Sept.  You might have remembere the Snehalaya Vrutta regarding Asana's case sent on 6th, Sept. The SANLAP, the local NGO's of Kolkata  has taken the responsibility of  her home study. 
The main intention of sending the the minor victim to Kolkata is to create an awareness  among the  NGO's, social workers, the members of the child welfare committee of Kolkata.  The CWC has recorded the witness of Asana and ordered on the matter according to the Juvenile Justice Act 2000.  It  happened for the first time in the  last 12 years only because of the help and follow up of Mr. Vinayak Lohani, the Founder of Parivaar Kendra, his collogue Mr. Nimai Saha and Mr. Mamoon Akhtar, the founder of Samaritan Help Mission.  The volunteers of Muktiwahini stayed at their institutions. The co ordination between the organisations working in different states with the same goal is a creation of our honorary advisor  Shri. Rameshbhai Kacholiya .  This is the new beginning creating new hope in the life of innocent victims. 

These institutions ( Snehalaya, Parivaar, SHM ) are getting any funds for  the anti trafficking and rehabilitation programmes. But running these activities with the help of society and the like minded donors. A timely help saved a life

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