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A minor sold by her parents, gets back her family (Sep 2005)

Ahmednagar , 14th, Sept.

A minor was sold for flesh trade by her own parents and this serious crime was brought to notice of the Sangamner Police by Muktiwahini of Snehalaya yesterday. Badshaha Nacharekar, the father and ten others were arrested by Police.  Police troop went to Mumbai  to arrest the traffickers and to rescue the minor.

Ghulewadi is the village on Nashik Road 7 Km away from Sangamner.  About 40 families of nomadic tribes have settled  here mainly the Kanzarbhat community normally most of the families of this community are illiterate and producing the country liquor.  Badshaha Nacharekar belongs to this community.  Due to financial crunch, Badshah decided to sale his 14 years daughter to Babita. Babita was the resident of Sangamner but now a days staying in Mumbai in a posh locality.  She has her bungalow and  supplying the girls to brothels, hotels and dance bars.  Babita was constantly in touch with the poor nomadic tribe community.  Two months ago he has brought two minors from Ghulewadi's nomadic tribes families.  She gave handsome amount to the traffickers.

The parents were told that their girls were admitted to hostels  for education.  This story  has also came in lime light when some of the arrested criminals opened their mouths, due to Police tricks.  Badshaha, his wife Salma and brother went to Mumbai on 1st Sept.  Babita was waiting for them in a lodge near Mumbai Central.  Later they handed over their daughter to Babita and took Rs. two lakhs in cash.  Mr. Rajesh Pawar a local Jeep driver was with them in their tour to Mumbai.  While returning form Mumbai Rajesh heard the dialogue of Nacharekar family in their nomadic tribe language about the deal.  Salama was cursing Badshaha for taking only two lakh rupees instead of three lakhs fortunately Rajesh was knowing their language.  After returning from Sangamner he told the incident to some of his friends who cautiously conveyed  to Muktiwahini about the whole incident of the trafficking.  After enquiring  through private sources the information was given to  Sangamner Police.  Mr. Sanjay Patil, the Dy. Police chief of the Sangamner region arrested Badshaha and ten others involved in the crime.  Case was registered under the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act 1986 as demanded by Muktiwahini.  Now the Muktiwahini is perusing the arrest of Babita and rescue of the minor by a Police troop from Mumbai.

Muktiwahini Members asked Badshaha, why he sold his daughter ? He said that he has taken a huge loan from a private money lender by  huge interest and he has to repay Rs. three lakhs immediately.  He claimed that he has not sold his daughter in greed of money, but to save the life of all other the family members from the money lender.

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