Saturday, April 3, 2010

A child marrriage is prevented (May 2005)

Snehalaya intervened in a child marriage on 5/5/05. An unknown call informed Snehalaya that the child marriage was happening there in Sanjay nagar slum at 1.30 pm.
The Co-ordinator and two team members rushed to the place. We tried to convince parents of bride Rupali ( name changed ) and groom Baban, but in vein. Guests present for the program became violent and started to curse.  The whole circumstance was very explosive. So, we informed Kotwali Police Station and Police Sub Inspector Mr. Tidke and seven Constables arrived immediately at the Place and arrested 10 people including  Bride Rupali Ankush Rathod ( age 14 yrs ), groom Baban Tulshiram Giri  ( 27 ) ,  Mr. Ankush Rathod, Kamala Rathod, Tulshiram Giri, Radhabai Giri, Somnath Kamble and Pramod Sathe.

Police filed F.I.R. and took in prison for a day, but the parents of the both groom and bride told police that the were not getting marriage but the engagement was happeing.  P.I. Mr. Pingle warned them about the act of child marriage and told them to give a written undertaking to not try this again

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