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A bengali girl is rescued from goons - Sep 2005

The Mukti wahini of the Snehalaya received an information on 4th, Sept. 05 that a minor  girl from some other state was trafficked to  Ahmednagar. A gang of goons was doing sexual abuse to a minor, she was also seen in some  of the infamous lodges where the flesh trade is going on.  The members of Muktiwahini  chased the girl and finally caught her on 6th,Sept. at 11.30 am. near central bus stand  of  Ahmednagar.  The traffickers and pimps ran away when Muktiwahini challenged them after  catching the girl.  The girl was very much  afraid at that time. We  have taken the help of Bengali prostitute Seema to know more  about Asana.

Seema told the story of Asana.  Asana was brought to Ahmednagar by  her so called maternal aunt for the better  opportunity of learning and job, but finally she has handed over to local pimps, who are   regularly supplying the minors for the flesh  trade.  Asana was sent to Snehalaya's shelter  home after her medical check up.

Legal Status of the case :  

No case have been register in the local Police station for  following reasons.         

1.    At the time of rescue the Police force was not available and hence not used by Muktiwahini.  Muktiwahini prefers to work with police and allied systems but most of the time police is are busy in different types of Bandobast.  The traffickers and pimps are also having good relation with police for the known reasons. 
2.    The wastage of time : gives the opportunity to traffickers to run away with victim, hence immediate action has been taken by Muktiwahini team without waiting for police help.

3.    The mother tongue of girl is Bengali and there is no facility of leaning through Bengali language.  Hence keeping the girl in local govt. or private shelter homes may  harm her educational development. 

4.    The police, Women and child welfare Department or the local CWC have no infrastructure, promptness and will to work on the issue of minor's rescue, repatriation and rehabilitation.  Considering the over all condition of the girl we have  handled the issue with our own way.

5.    In the present system, the victims of commercial sexual exploitation, trafficking and rape have to face defamation, loss of time, money and life.  The arrested criminal stays in prison with all comforts.  The victim has to attain the court with his own cost and responsibility for many years.  Finally the victim never get any compassion  whether the crime is proved or not.  We believe and work in sensitization of the system and the society on this issue. 

But at the same time we think that the minor victims should not be punished for no reason and the process of  their overall development must be immediately started.  In the legal matters it is also seen that victim has to remember all the incidents, persons for a long time for the unending  judicial process. The continuous protection of the victim also becomes major problem. 

We expect that

1.    The home study of Asana should be done carefully by the NGO, based in Kolkata.
2.    The decision of her repatriation or rehabilitation in any shelter home should be based on the home study report.
3.    Mr. Mamoon Akhtar, the social worker and the founder of SHM and Mr. Vinayak Lohani from Parivaar centre will participate in the process of  Asana's rehabilitation on behalf of Snehalaya.  And he will work as a bridge between Snehalaya and the NGO's in WB handling this issue.
4.    A system of stopping the trafficking effectively and repatriation / rehabilitation should be develop in  W.B.  Hence the issue must be put in front of  State Govt. and NGOs properly.  There are hundreds of major and minor victims we find in Ahmednagar district and all the red light areas in  Maharashtra.  And the question is not limited for Asana only.  But we have taken it as an opportunity to convey the horrifying reality of the trafficking from W.B. 

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