Saturday, April 3, 2010

A minor rescued in Ahmednagar city (Dec 2004)

Date:  11-12-2004
Type of case: Rescue
Caller’s Name: Ganga (from Nishant group)
Name of the child/age/sex:  Sheetal Roy  (Name Changed) (F Age between 16-19 yrs)Address: Khandagale wada. Opp Amardham, Nalegaon Ahmednagar.
Team member: Pravin Mutyal

Intervention: On 11-12-2004 Snehalaya got the call from Ganga from Nishant group and she told that she saw one minor girl moving around in a suspicious way with one prostitute Seema at M.G road Ahmednagar. Soon after ,team member Pravin Mutyal and Sachin Kale went to M.G road and tried to find out the girl but they could’nt find them at M.G road. After that team members went to  Seema’s House near Amardham at 4:30 pm but Seema was not at home .Meanwhile team members contact Dr.Girish Kulkarni and informed them about the . Dr.Kulkarni along with team members immediately went to DSP Office and met supritendent Bhalchandra Tamboli and filed the written complaint in DSP office .Shri .Tamboli gave instructions. immediately to Kotwali police station for taking action.

Around 6:30 pm Dr.Kulkarni along with Adv.Asava and police constable came to Seema’s ,when they reached Seema’s house they saw her siiting in an auto rickshaw with a girl.Team members and Dr.Kulkarni and Adv.Asava all tried to stop the rickshaw but rickshaw driver did’nt stop at last Adv.Asava and police followed the rickshaw on their motor bicycle and stopped them at Swastik Chowk, immediately both Seema and the minor girl Sheetal was brought to the police station .Even after bringing them to the police station there was delay in further formalities and enquiry .There was no lady constable in police station .Until 11:30 pm Sheetal’s medical was not done .Sheetal was kept in same room with Seema at that night .Next day team member went to police station again.After medical check up Sheetal’s age was found between 16-19 yrs.Sheeta was sent to Remand Home (Bal sudharana Kendra) Ahmednagar and the complaint was filed against the Seema.

On 15-12-2004 Manjiri Tambe coordinator of Ahmednagar Childline went to meet Sheetal and did her counseling.

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