Saturday, April 3, 2010

A child marriage prevented in the police recreation hall (Dec 2005)

Ahmednagar, Date: 25/12/05
Today Snehalaya has prevented a child marriage with the help of Kotwali Police station of Ahmednagar. 
Yesterday night at 11 pm. Mr. Anil Gawade, the volunteer of Snehalaya received a phone call informing the preparation of a child marriage today in Police recreation Hall at 11.30 am. Mr. Gawade contacted, Mr. Nandkumar Jamkar (P.S.I.) and informed about the child marriage.  The immediate action has been taken
by the Police in the early morning along with the Snehalaya team. Snehalaya team has obtained the birth certificate of the minor girl with heavy efforts. 

Then the squad reached the Police recreation hall where the marriage ceremony was started at 8.30 am. The girl was only 15 years and 8 months old.   There was a strong protest by the organisers of the marriage but the girl was with the Snehalaya and complained of imposing marriage upon her.  The girl is orphan but having a legal right over her valuable property.  The cousins wants to grab her property hence the early marriage was decided without the consent of the girl. The groom is totally illiterate, 12 years older than the girl and from the neighboring Beed district.  While girl is studious beautiful and of a good past track record of education.  The so called politicians, and  the journalists related  to  the organizers of the marriage tried to threaten the younger team of Snehalaya, and Police also.  But because of the firmness and the equal pressure of the members of the Snehalaya's Muktiwahini, the child marriage ultimately stopped.  The written assurance was taken from the organisaers of the marriage about not to violet the law of child marriage act.  But the case was not registered according to our demand. Snehalaya is pursuing  the matter to the higher Police authorities.

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