Thursday, February 28, 2013

HOMEWARD BOUND!! Safe-n-sound!

On the scorching afternoon of 26th February, a couple of workers of the Jakat Naka at Solapur road noticed a dejected lady along with two equally miserable girls looking completely lost – as if searching for someone who isn’t there. On discovering that the ladies speak some unknown language, with incredible presence of mind, the workers promptly dialed 1098 for Snehalaya’s CHILD LINE - and graciously accompanied the frightened ladies to CHILD LINE office. God indeed works His wonders in mysterious ways! The CHILD LINE’s Sunil, in the meanwhile, summoned the multi-lingual CHILD LINE volunteer Rohit Kodam for interpretation. Apparently, the Telugu-speaking Mrs. Laxmi Wadelu (along with her 16-year old sister Sujata and her 7-year old daughter Sushila) had embarked from Hyderabad in search of her husband Siddhu Wadelu, who supposedly was working as a laborer somewhere in the Ahmednagar vast M.I.D.C. area. Siddhu’s whereabouts were unknown, his cell phone unreachable and the penniless ladies had no means to return home, and no clue on what to do next. Since Siddhu remained untraceable, to ensure the safety of these ladies in distress, the CHILD LINE team contributed sufficient funds and bid farewell after putting the relieved family  on board a bus to Hyderabad. Thanks to the good Samaritans and timely intervention of Snehalaya’s CHILD LINE, the imprudent participants of this potentially dangerous misadventure, are now safely back home. 1098 is a phone number worth noting – where timely aid is merely a phone-call away!!

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